I'm currently a Ph.D. student at WPI studying Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Health. A humble student of nature.



I LOVE solving problems with tools. If no tool is available, I will make one! Or, maybe, make two...



I 🏂. I 🚴. I 🏹️. I 🎣. I 🏸. I 🏓. The final frontier was, is, and always will be pushed by the CRAZIEST explorers!



Who does NOT like toys?!

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On11 is a set of fitness tracking apps and watch faces for smartwatch and smartphone promoting healthy lifestyle.
☆ Second Prize Winner of Google Fit Developer Challenge ☆


Delivery helps you keep track of your packages on your Android Wear.


Trigger IFTTT actions with Sony Future Lab Program N voice recognition



More toys @ GitHub



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